World Bonsai Friendship Federation (WBFF)
South African Bonsai Association (SABA)
Copy Right - Midway Bonsai 2017
African Bonsai Association (ABA)
Bonsai Regional Association (BRAT)
Wisteria by Hennie Reyneke
*We meet every third Saturday of the month, except December.

*Workshop starts at 12h00. Bring your problem trees or just come and see.

*A senior grower is on duty to help.
*Soils, pots, tools, plants etc are available and has the biggest variety in South Africa.
*At 13h00 is the committee meeting.
*At 14h00 is the official meeting covering club notices, information and bonsai related activities.
*There is a talk or demonstration.
*To supplement funds for the club we have a raffle. You can win awesome prizes.
*Take out books, magazines and DVDs for free for the month.

Midway Bonsai Society - Midrand